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STEP 1: If you have the PowerSchool Access ID and Passwords for each of your children while creating your parent account, you can put them all on (up to seven children) when you create your account.  However, at times especially with younger siblings, a parent needs to add a child to their already set up PowerSchool account.  Go to and log into your PowerSchool Account.  If you do not have a parent PowerSchool account, then go to this page.  

Log-in to PowerSchool

STEP 2: Once you are in PowerSchool, notice the student name at the top left.  Scroll down the page and stop on Account Preferences.

Child's Name at Top of Home Screen

STEP 3: Click on Account Preferences.

Scroll Down and Click on Account Preferences

STEP 4:  Click on the Students Tab and then on the Add button on the right.

Click Students Tab and Add Button

STEP 5: In Add Student box, type in the first name of the child you are adding along with their Access ID and Access Password.  Then choose your relationship to the child in the drop-down box.  Click OK when done.

Empty Student Access Information Screen
Filled Student Access Information Screen

STEP 6: A green line will state the Changes Saved and you should now see both children listed.  Also, notice the two names now at top left of PowerSchool screen.  Now you can toggle between the two names to see their specific informaiton in PowerSchool.

Changes Saved Message and Children Names at Top

If you don't have or lost your PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password or need assistance with your PowerSchool parent account, please Email:

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