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Links below will take to a specific playlist for a school's project.  When the link is clicked, a viewer can choose which video to play from the playlist.


Students worked in groups of four to six.  Keeping with the Olympic theme for this year's Reading Challenge and Reading/STEAM Night, students worked together and wrote down the facts about the topic, sport or athlete from this year's Winter Olympics. Students practiced their speeches.  The students were then recorded in front of a green screen.  The green background was replaced with a picture or pictures that are appropriate for the topic.

Tree Limb

S.T.E.A.M. Bee Project

Reading a Book about Bees
Reading a Book about Bees

Reading a Book about Bees
Reading a Book about Bees

Hexagons with Keva Planks
Hexagons with Keva Planks

Reading a Book about Bees
Reading a Book about Bees


A project between the Library, Music, Art and Physical Education departments based on the plight of the bee being on the endangered species list.

Tree Limb

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