Grades K-3 Google Accounts & Chromebooks

Google for Education

Each student has a Gmail account which enables them to have access to Google Apps for Education and the Chromebooks in the classroom.

  • Gmail account is Student

  • Student username is their Student ID#

  • Password is the word assigned to them this year.  Students use the password in school to access the computer network.




  • Chrome Apps

    • ​Students cannot select apps

    • Teachers locate apps on the Chrome Web Store

    • Teachers select apps they will find helpful in the classroom for their students

    • Those apps are vetted by our curriculum director and director of technology before being available to students

  • Apps vs. Extensions

    • According to Google, User Interface and amount of User Interaction differentiates between an extension and an app.

    • Apps have a rich User Interface (UI) and are more interactive. Examples of apps would be games and photo editor software.

    • Extensions extend the functionality of the webpage being viewed, with minimal user interaction. For example, the Google dictionary extension allows you to highlight a word and it will pull up the meaning on the page itself.

What is a Chromebook?

How do I log into the Chromebook?

Chrome Extensions
Google Drive
  • Google Drive -> Students H: Drive at School

    • Can access anywhere from any device

    • Unlimited Storage

    • Can share document with other students/teacher

    • Multiple people can edit a document at the same time if shared


  • Google Apps

    • Google Docs -> Microsoft Word

    • Google Slides -> Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Google Sheets -> Microsoft Excel

    • and much more!

Google Apps

How do I get to my Google Drive on a Chromebook?

How do I get to my Google Drive on a computer in the lab or at home?

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