Parent PowerSchool Help


STEP 1: Go to  This website is SAME from the website your child will go to to access their PowerSchool account. Type in your Username and Password then click Sign In button.

Log-in to PowerSchool

STEP 2: Click on the left side of the website to view Grades, Attendance, Teacher Comments, Transportation, etc.

STEP 3: First choice is Grades and Attendance.  Notice the name in White is the child you are viewing.  If you want to view the other child, click on their name.

STEP 4: Now we are viewing the other child's Grades and Attendance.

STEP 5: Grade History is for students that have been in the Nazareth School District more than one year.  Notice the tabs to the different years.  

STEP 6: My Schedule shows your child's schedule.  In order to know what specials your child has on a specific day, please look at their teacher's Schoology page for a Specials Schedule.

STEP 7: Under Transportation Information is the AM and PM Bus Schedule.  Bus Schedules are not mailed home in the summer.  Check here for your child's bus schedule.

STEP 8: Under Other Apps for Guardians is the parent Schoology Join Code to create a parent Schoology account.  Also, Back to School Update link, username and password may be listed when parents/guardians can go to edit their information in PowerSchool.  This may be only offered in the beginning of the school year and then turned off.  If you can not update information through the School Update Information Portal, please contact your school office to get directions on how to update your information in PowerSchool.  Also on this page is the student's ID Number, Gmail address and password (not shown below).

STEP 9: Account Preferences is where you will see your Profile Information.  Also, under the Student Tab (shown below) is where you would add another child to your parent PowerSchool account.

STEP 10: Please note that you do not have access through the Parent PowerSchool account to any Ebooks.  Ebooks are only available under the student account.  Students will need to log-in in order to view any Ebook.  Looking below at a student's PowerSchool, see how Pearson Courses is a choice at the bottom on the left side of screen.  This is where the student would click to access their Ebook.

If you need help navigating PowerSchool, please Email:

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