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Please click on the title of each section in order to get to the log-in screen for that application. 

<--This icon means that the application is accessed by logging in through Clever.


Math Symbols Clipart
Math Symbols Clipart
clever application

​FIRST IN MATH features hundreds of engaging games designed to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking, and other critical skills. This math program is available online through our Student Resource page of the website to access on desktop or laptop computers or Chromebooks. It is also available through an app for a tablet.  Fire and Kindle (book reading tablets) do not work for this app nor does a smartphone.

Either way, you access First in Math, you will need to access it through Clever.  The Clever application allows for easy access to multiple applications through a single sign-on.  If working on a tablet, you will need to download the app Clever.

To log in with Clever on a desktop or laptop computer, please follow these directions.

When logging into a tablet, download the First in Math and Clever applications.  Click on the Clever app.  Select logging in with Google log-in.  Click on the button at the bottom to login with Student Username and Password.  Select Login with Google. You may need to click on Use Another Account if your child hasn't logged in before. Student's Google log-in is their email address which would be click the Next Button. Enter the student password and click the Next Button  If you are using a personal device and it asks to save the password, click Save Password.  If it is a public device (ie: library, outside of home, etc.) don't save.  Click the First in Math icon under the Instant Login Applications on the Clever dashboard..


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